Thursday, September 8, 2011

Union Jack Pillow

I've had a few questions about the Union Jack Pillow I made for Elliott's Room so I thought I'd post about what I did.  I don't really want to call it a tutorial, since I'm certainly no sewing expert.  But this is what I did:

First, I used a regular pillow case to determine the size the pillow would be.  Then I cut the grey background fabric in two rectangles of that size.  One for the front and one for the back.

Then, I cut the striped sections from an old Pottery Barn shower curtain I had in my stash.  I hemmed and hawed about cutting the curtain but realistically, I won't be putting a red and taupe striped curtain up in my bathroom again.  The taupe stripes were the right size for the background X, at least to my eye.

I hemmed the long, unfinished sides of the stripes and then ironed, pinned and sewed them in place.  I did the same thing with the red stripes, cutting them slightly wider and attaching them to the front of the pillow in a cross pattern.

Once I had completed the front of the pillow, I made an envelope out of the back.  That way I wouldn't have to do any hand stitching and the pillow insert could be removed and the cover washed.  This pillow does belong to a ten year old boy after all!  This is how I did the envelope enclosure:

This is how mine turned out:

Again I will say, I'm no expert at sewing.  I still need to stuff it with a fuller pillow.  The one that's in there is just a cheap, thin insert from Ikea.  However, Elliott loves his pillow and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  It's not perfect but maybe yours will be!

xo Meg



    Pretty darn good for "no expert sewer"'ve found a hidden talent!!!

  2. i love this pillow!! great explanation of how-to also.
    yeah - i agree - hidden talent i say!!
    cheryl xox.

  3. I love it! I always gravitate toward the Union Jack design, and this is such a clever way to incorporate it.