Thursday, September 15, 2011

Office Lovin'

   My home office is one of my favourite spaces in my new house.  It's a sunny little nook off the kitchen, which I find to be so handy.  I blog here, search and organize my recipes, pay the bills, supervise the kids computer time, etc.

   The room itself isn't so pretty yet.  I'm gonna show you a picture, but only cause I know you won't judge me.  We did just move in after all...

   The panelling needs to be pained out a fresh white (obviously), and then I think it'll look great.   The walls also need a coat of paint (obviously) but there are some issues with insulation so I have to wait on doing anything in here until we can get that sorted out.

The hunter green mini blinds and orange stained window also need to be addressed (and washed, yikes!).  What do you think about this treatment:

    I would tweak it a bit.   Maybe make the blinds a little more tailored by hemming their edges and keep the fabrics a little more rustic in the rest of the room.  But I dig the idea a whole lot.

    It just so happens that we have a good friend who owns a fair trade coffee roastery called The Fire Roasted Coffee Company.  He gave me the coolest bunch of coffee bean bags from Guatamala, Panama, and Costa Rica.  He is also responsible for my addiction to the wonderful, expensive, Fair Trade Ethiopian Harrar coffee... but that's a whole other story.

I do love the view from my office window.  I can see the climbing raspberry bushes that are still bearing fruit.  And the massive walnut tree, that divides our yard from our neighbour's, provides that nice dappled shade in the afternoon.

Things to be addressed during this reno include:

Shelving and Storage

I love this industrial looking shelving unit.


I've already shown you this image from Amber Interiors but the lighting is just so awesome.


I'm saying yes to the awesome doggie bed for my Gilly too!  Perhaps another coffee bean bag project?

Hope you're all having a fantastic week.  It's a rainy, dreary day here in London.  But that's okay cause my sweetie built me a fire in my living room this morning.  I'm going to curl up and fold my laundry there today.  

xo Meg


  1. Hi Meg, folding laundry by a cozy fire sounds like a wonderful day to me! And how nice to have a friend who gave you all those gorgeous coffee sacks! :)

  2. Love your plans and inspiration! :) Hoe perfect that you were able to score the coffee sacks from a friend as well! Perfect!

  3. Hi Meg! I love your office! And right off of the kitchen lucky are you?! I sent you a few emails back thanking you about your sweet comments about my blog! I hope that you got them!!!I have had a lot of trouble with blogger over the past week and I havent' been able to comment on posts at all! Today I seem to be having trouble linking to parties! Sheesh! What will it be next? lol!
    I hope your week is going great so far! Angie xo

  4. Meg, I love your ideas!! Your office nook looks so cozy and comfortable!

  5. I love the idea of the coffee bags for curtains! I have feed sacks I was going to make structured curtains within our kitchen but now may do it like the photo you used!

  6. if you have the coffee been bags already - GO FOR IT!

    I love using whatever I have on hand...I hate trying to sift through the retail landscape to come up with the perfect something, something...

    you know?