Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buildin' A Room for Elliott

    Oh,  Elliott.  He is the boy who willingly gave up the largest room in the house to his little sister.  All because he is the sweetest 10 year old I know, and because his teeny room has a teeny closet door which we have dubbed 'the hobbit door'.

(This is from before we moved in.  Note the 'hobbit door' to the left of the window)

    As we have begun to settle, we have determined that Elliott's room isn't really that small, especially in terms of an old house.  Old houses have small rooms and small closets.    I have no problem with the decorating of the room.  We're going with a sort of nerdy, ivy league, Canadiana kind of feel.  It's exactly Elliott.

This is my original design board for his room:

     Much harder than the decorating is the function of his small space. We have started to figure out just what Elliott's room needs to function.  It needs a captain's bed and built-ins including a desk and shelves.  So Jay and Elliott drew some designs up.  And this weekend, we're going to start building!

So, some inspiration for Elliott's bed, from my pinterest:

I love the built-in bed and desk with shelves above in this image.  We are considering doing two sets of stacked drawers under the bed.  This will raise the bed up some, but give Elliott more storage.

We are also planning a trip to the salvaged lumber shop that Jay uses for work this weekend.  We are thinking of panelling the wall behind his headboard with salvaged wood.  

Should be a busy weekend.  I'm excited to tackle this room though, cause it is such a disaster right now.  And I want Elliott to love it and feel like it's special, even though it's the smallest room in the house.

 My first task:  strip the painted-over wallpaper.  Ugh.

xo Meg


  1. You have some great inspiration going! I can't wait to see the finished product! I love the idea of the built in bed!


  2. Oh wow! Love your inspiration - it's going to look so fabulous. Built-in's are always a great option for a small space, and I'm sure he'll love having a captain's bed. Looking forward to seeing more soon!