Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Favourite... ( I know it's Saturday)

If I was really honest, I'd tell you that my favourite thing about last week in blogland was actually finishing my kitchen re-do (mostly) and actually posting about it.  But I know it's not all about me...

Especially when there's amazing design to be had in the form of this Brooklyn Home Company project I saw on Design Sponge.  Really... ridiculous, amazing home.

Ok, the simplicity of all the white mixed with the rough wood, the styling of the bookshelves...
that sculpture!

Everything, including (especially) the kitchen sink.  With the ticking fabric skirt.  Honestly.

You know, I'm buildin' in a bed this weekend too.  Hope mine turns out looking this good.

And... this one's just because that doggie is the perfect addition to that stylish desk.  
He even matches the decor.  Just sayin'.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

xo Meg

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