Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Loving

Hi, today I'm linking up with Brittany over at Gallery No. 8.  And I'm blogging about what I love about summer (and it's not wearing a bikini).

If you're new here, thanks for stopping by.  I'm excited to meet you.

   My summer love started when I was just a kid at the home of my maternal grandparents.  Our family grew up summering on Cedar Beach. It's a little (and perfect) stretch of beach on Lake Erie in a town called Kingsville, Ontario. My parents both grew up there and knew each other their whole lives.

As a kid, I spent summers on the shores of that lake with my cousins and brother, Mason.  My Grandma Wanda would shoo us outside for a swim in the morning and we wouldn't come in until she called us for meals.  We usually swam our way to the second sandbar.  Sometimes the third.

So the lake is really my favourite thing about summer.  It's my true North.  The place where I feel at home.  The place that has made me who I am.  

It's the reason why I love houses like this one, with grey siding and white trim.  

(sorry but I don't know the source)

It's also the reason why all my design decisions reflect my love of sand and sun and sea.

And it's why my favourite summer nights with friends and family always include this:

Time at the lake to me is quintessentially summer.  And I love summer.  Kids relaxing in bare feet, body surfing for hours, lazing in the hammock chairs with a good book or paddling in the kayak.  Waiting for the lake to be "flat as glass" to haul somebody up on the waterskis.  


Thanks for joining me for my break from house moving insanity.  Most of the big furniture was moved in today with just the smaller stuff to go tomorrow.  The kids will be off to my brother and sister-in-law's house for some time with their cousins and, perhaps, some time at Cedar Beach.

xo Meg

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