Thursday, July 21, 2011


I found this image via Pinterest.  

And it made me want to copy it.  It is actually part of in inspiration book of sorts made by artist Michelle Lapoint Rydell.  I thought it would be fun to create a list of the things that are going on over here in all the madness.  So here it is:


1.  Listening:  I'm listening to the Trews.  They're a Canadian band that I love love love.  I'm going to see them in August and their new album Hope and Ruin is killer.

2.  Eating:  Lots of salads.  Not only in an effort to keep my weight in check, it is ridiculously hot here.  Like 45 degrees celsius (that's 114 degrees fahrenheit).  Ridiculous.  But it makes me not want to eat heavy foods.

3.  Drinking:  Wine spritzer with Cave Spring Reisling (an Ontario favourite), SourPuss Apple shot, and a full can of soda over lots of ice.  In a Mason Jar, the big kind.  With a straw.  

4.  Wearing:  A purple dress from Joe Fresh.  Cool.  

5.  Feeling:  Excited but overwhelmed by everything going on in our lives right now.  I have so much to do in getting us settled but I also don't want to miss out on time with my kids and hubby this summer.

6.  Weather:  I think I already mentioned this one.  It's hot.  Elliott and I just spend a couple days in Hanover at my friend's lovely cottage so I got to enjoy the lake to keep cool.

7.  Wanting:  This pair of lululemon athletica still shorts ($58 CAD):

I have them in black and charcoal and they are really flattering and comfortable.  I want a new pair in the heather gray colour way.  I also wouldn't mind looking as good as the above woman does in them.  Just sayin'.

8.  Needing:  I guess I'm needing to get it together around here for the sake of my sanity.  My goal for the day is to put away all the rest of the boxes on the upper floor.  Perhaps possible.

9.  Thinking:  About my friend who just had to put her 18-year-old Chocolate Lab to sleep.  Wishing I could tell her how sorry I am.

10.  Enjoying:  My new house, with all it's quirks, soaring ceilings and work to be done.  I am so happy to finally be here.

And that's my list!  If you want to make one too, I'd be happy to link up with you here.

Have a wonderful Thursday... stay cool!

xo Meg

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