Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Audrey's Room

   My little girl is feeling a little left out.  We've been working so hard on Elliott's room, she's wondering when we're going to start on hers.

    When we first moved into the house, my Mom removed the old wallpaper from her walls.  This left yucky walls that are kind of peeling.  Also, our sectional couch is currently in her room.  It won't fit into our basement family room.  We can't get it down the stairs and I'm currently looking at options for taking it apart to make it fit.  Her room is looking pretty crummy right now.  And her stuff is really disorganized.  She hates that.

   I've posted about her room before.  It's going to be really fun to decorate.  She's really excited about the process and has lots of ideas.  But I've been having a lot of trouble finding fabrics to use.  Originally, this room was my inspiration:

I have been looking for a delicate fabric, like the linen on the romans here. 

 Audrey's requests for the room include:

1.  A canopy-type bed
2.  Aqua, Turquoise and fresh green
3.  A double bed (she currently has a twin)

We have an old iron bed that was given to us by a sweet little old lady who lives around the corner.  I've been saving it for Audrey for almost 10 years.  That's right, ten years.  I've had it since before she was born (she's seven).  The bed will go in front of a tall, pretty window and I will use the curtains and a valance to make a sort of canopy for her, like this one:

I'm excited to tackle this kind of a sewing project, with the help of my Mom.  I've found a couple of fabrics that I think will work, pending Audrey's approval.  

 Briana Fern in 'Seaglass'

Waverly Lovely Lattice 

I'm getting the design ball rolling and might just take Audrey to the fabric store with me today.  I have to pick up one last thing for Elliott's room and maybe we'll have a look for her too.

xo Meg

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  1. How fun, it is going to be beautiful. I love the idea of an old iron bed and canopy, so sweet for a girl's room.