Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

   So, I thought I had made a decision about the window coverings going in Elliott's room.  I had decided not to use the sailboat fabric there but to instead make a pillow out of it so it wasn't such a large focal point in the room.
   My idea was to look for a graphic fabric that I though would last longer in his room and give it the funky vibe I was looking for. Then I would make a roman shade out of the fabric.  Here are the fabrics I found online that I like.

    These fabrics are from Tonic Living.  I have ordered pillows from them before and they turned out perfectly.  They are a Canadian company that has great fabrics at reasonable prices, and I don't have to pay duty and extra shipping to get them across the border.

   However, none of these fabrics relate to the sailboat fabric.  Which means I probably won't be using it in the room.  I'm going to put it away and hope I can use it on some other project, some other time. Let's just say that my husband isn't so thrilled about spending money on this part of the project twice.

  Here's a reminder about the paint colours I have chosen for the room.

 I don't know why I always go about this so backwards!  I know you should choose fabrics and then pull your paint colours from them but somehow, I always make that mistake and then I'm stuck like this with walls already painted in a colour I love and no fabric.  Maybe it's because I have such a hard time finding fabrics I like here in Canada.

   Seems like I'm moving away from the original design plan for this room.  Some of that is because Elliott has chosen differently than I thought he would.  It's also because I'm having so much trouble making decisions about it.

Today I'm leaning towards the grey chevron fabric.  Any thoughts?



  1. 1st coice is the bottom one because it has your wall & bed colours in it. Chevron is second choice.

  2. I love a global vibe for a little boy's room. It has so much potential and it can definitely grow with him. Gray is a very sophisticated neutral, would be a lovely backdrop for all the color in the room.