Monday, August 15, 2011

Taming the Weed Jungle

Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Monday!

    I actually mean that.  My kids are in camp this week so I'm hoping to get a bunch of things accomplished around here while I have the time off.

    Speaking of accomplishing things, you should see the work I did in my jungle backyard this weekend!  I tamed the nasty weeds spreading across the entire expanse of the back fence.  Felt really good to accomplish something.  However, we weren't really planning to tackle the landscaping in the backyard this summer.  There are too many other places to throw money on the inside of the house right now.

     All that weeding made it so we could enjoy a campfire with the kiddos on Saturday night without me crying over how messy everything was back there.  I sat in my chair and looked out over my tidy yard and felt good about it.  These are my backyard dreams - to be accomplished next summer...

I love boxwoods with white hydrangeas.  This pathway is so pretty and cottage-y.  It would be perfect with our shingle style house.

Uh... White wysteria?  Amazing!

 More magnificent hydrangeas.  I don't know if I could ever stray from the white ones 
but these are really pretty.

  Right now, we have several dead or dying old trees that give lots of shade and privacy.  But when we take them down, I'll need to come up with a solution like this one to give us a little more privacy.

I dream about window boxes like these.  

images via my Pinterest

 Here's the thing,  I swore to myself that I would work on rooms one at a time, actually finishing them.  You see, Jay and I have this terrible habit of getting getting a room finished 90 percent of the way and then stalling out and leaving the last few details unfinished, meaning that the room feels, well... unfinished.

     So, I'm still plugging away on Elliott's room.  We are now installing the barn board onto the wall and the desk is being built.  I'm working on curtains today.  Hopefully I'll have some photos up to show you soon.  

Have a great Monday!

xo Meg

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