Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Before and After: Flip Kitchen

We flipped a house last year.  It was a long and tedious process which involved a ridiculous amount of work but I was really proud of the final product.  I thought you might like to see the kitchen:

before (obvoiusly)

design plan


     Turned out pretty nice, huh?  I love the beadboard panelling on the backsplash and the butcher block counter top on the island.  It's actually from Ikea, but I think it has a more 'high end' look than that.  The kitchen is really functional, with open shelving for display and closed shelving for storage.  

     I'm working on the curtains for Elliott's room today.  Lots of sewing and putting together all the details that seem to take sooooooo long.  

xo Meg


  1. MEG!! It's beautiful, gives me hope for my soon to be hubby and our first home :) Is the whole kitchen Ikea, or just the island?

  2. The kitchen cabinetry is actually custom built. I wish I could have used Ikea but the space was really too difficult to use stock cabinetry. Just the wood counter-top on the island and the farm sink are from Ikea. I recommend both highly!

  3. Meg it looks fabulous! :) Good work!

  4. Wow, Meg - it's gorgeous! Is this kitchen you were talking about?? I hope not b/c it's too pretty to use for only a week! I love your butcher block countertop, open shelving (and then cabinets off to the side) and your light fixture. So great!!

  5. Hi Meg, Fran told me about your kitchen because I'm trying to get a look with both open and closed cabinets. I love what you've done both stylewise and with the layout. Great job!!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the warmth of the wood against the white counters and the open cabinetry. The layout is a lot like I imagine I want for my house (although I don't think we'll do a complete gut job). Happy weekend.