Monday, August 22, 2011

Cottage Life

   We spent the weekend with some good friends at the cottage.  We swam and fished, went on canoe trips and relaxed.  It was a perfect weekend.  I could almost see the stress leaving Jay's shoulders, which is good because he has been at his limit lately.

     My kids love the cottage life.  Both of them would be perfectly happy living close to water and woods.  

   The cottage we were at belongs to our good friends Krista and Ryan.  It is simple and rustic.  Ryan's Dad built it when he was a kid, using recycled wood he got from an old church.  It is rustic and comfortable, just the right size for a family.  It's not glamorous or 'done' but it is perfect for family getaways.

These are some of my favourite cottage images from Canadian House and Home.

I love the floral fabric - that isn't too feminine - and the amazing photography.

The natural stone fireplace and the beachy sailboat on display.

This kitchen is amazing, rustic and simple with a huge island.  I love the stone surrounding the range and the exposed old beams.

I love the slipped bench and the mix of black and white fabrics.  It's a sophisticated take on country style.  And that twig chandelier is amazing.

    I have to say, these cottages look more like regular homes to me.  Most of the cottages I've been to aren't beautifully decorated or styled.  They're usually a mix of cast off furnishings and decorations that are meaningful to the family that owns the space.  The decor is made up of photographs and souvenirs from the natural surroundings at the cottage. etc. 

   I think the above type of casual, cottage decorating would suit us for our regular home.  We live casually, so I want our decorating to reflect that.  Still stylish and well thought out - just laid back and casual too.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday.  I'll be kicking back doing laundry and finishing some details on Elliott's room today.  Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

xo Meg

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  1. Amazing house! I have yet to read my new H&H yet....too busy!