Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Audrey's Pelmet... FAIL!

   I wanted to make a pelmet for Audrey's window, the one above her bed.  It looked pretty easy when Jenny did it.  Cassie managed to do a good job too.  So I thought, why the heck can't I do that?

Well, here's why:

   I have constructed the frame for the pelmet .  I made it out of 1 x 2 lumber scraps that Jay had.  That part went well, since he cut and nailed it together for me.  It fits the spot perfectly.  Below is a crappy phone shot of the wood frame that is getting bracketed to the ceiling.  The fabric (with box pleats) will be stapled to the frame.

  The sewing part is nearly killing me.  Seriously.  I cut out the fabric all wrong for the first go and made the hem too small ( only 1/2 inch) so it looked cheap and homemade.  NOT the look I am going for.

Remember this image?  This is the look I'm going for.  

   I put the project aside to cool down and think it through again.  I still have enough fabric to try again and I can re-use the stuff  I screwed up to make toss pillows.  However, that leaves her windows with half-hung curtains that look pretty awkward without their pelmet topper.  That's ok, she's just happy  they're turquoise.  I will NOT be showing a picture of this epic fail.  Maybe I should, just to keep it real.
I didn't take one though.

   In other news, my parents are almost ready to completely move out of our house.  This is good news, although I will miss having them around.  It's good news because we can finally set up our downstairs family room.  We are still storing some of my parent's stuff but at least the TV, Wii and Playstation are now installed and the kids can get the heck out of my hair have a place to go.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  The big 3-5.  I'm treating myself to an all-out torture session at my sewing machine.  Hopefully the results are better.  Even if they're not, I'll post some photos.  I will need someone to laugh with.

xo Meg

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