Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bye Bye Fall Decor!

Ok, I really didn't have enough time to do much Halloween and Fall decorating this year.  I didn't string garlands of leaves or put branches into a vase on my mantle.  I didn't really do much at all.  I did put out the white mini pumpkins, carve a few jack-o-lanterns and made my front porch look a little scary with spiderwebs and giant spiders from Dollarama.

I took all that stuff down first thing Tuesday morning.  This might sound crazy but I think I enjoy the removal of decorations almost as much as I enjoy putting them up in the first place!  I like how everything looks clean, fresh and simple once the decorations are put back into their tubs in the basement.

(my house before we moved in)

That being said, I'm already thinking about my plans for Christmas decorating this year.  Our house seems made for Christmas: the big bay window at the front begs for the tree to be put there, and the peak on the roof will look so pretty with lights on it!

I've been pinning some of my favorite ideas onto my Holiday Board on Pinterest.

First up, the front door:

     These wreaths are all lovely and I really like the idea of using an initial on the front door.  I happen to have a silver 'T' that would work perfectly but I would really love an aged bronze one.  I usually get my wreath from Costco.  They are made of several different types of greenery - simple and inexpensive.  Then I add my own personal stamp with ribbon, berries, etc.  I will also make a pair of festive planters to flank our front stairs.

The Mantle:

    I like the look of natural and simple holiday decor.  I know, lots of people go for the bling at this time of year.  I do like some bling - in the form of strictly white twinkle lights.  I love the little berry branches on the mantle above.  They add a little touch of red and the garland is perfectly simple.  These mason jars are filled with epsom salts - it really looks like snow!

One last shot:

Just 'cause I love the overall vibe of this room.  We have a huge galvanized tub to put our tree in too.

I might be insane for posting about Christmas on November 2nd.  But considering how late I was in decorating for Halloween, I need to get started right away!

xo Meg

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  1. So much gorgeous inspiration Meg! I'm so far behind on blog reading... and very very slowly catching up! :)