Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favourites

Oh so glad the weekend is here!  I have been working a lot lately and I'm looking forward to having a little time to get some things in order around here.

   The thing that's really been inspiring me to get things in order is Casey's 'Organization Weekend'.  She's tackled a few tricky areas, including the kitchen pantry, office, and bedroom closet.  It just makes me want to tear apart all the messy areas in my house and start organizing!  I love nothing more than a well organized closet!

Holy smokes, did you see this twin girls' bedroom?????  It's knock your socks off amazing.  I just love it. In fact, Edie's blog itself is new to me and I have been really enjoying reading over all the design projects she tackles.  You should check it out.

(Oh yeah, there's a killer bathroom attached too... lucky girls!)

And last, but certainly not least,

     It's Mood Board Monday time again at Pewter and Sage (this one is going live on November 14th).  This one is featuring Dining Rooms and Dinnerware and I'm so excited to create another board for this series.  It's so fun to be creative and not really have to think of budget once in a while!  You should make a board too - check out this post for the deets.

   I am also helping my parents with their new build.  The project is nearing completion - the distressed wood floors are in, the paint is on the walls, etc.  But there is one bathroom that is giving us some trouble.  It's got a North-facing window and my Mom wanted to paint it blue.  However, the light in there makes every soft, serene blue look like electric turquoise!  Not really what she's going for.  So this weekend, I'm doing a little painting in there to see if we can come up with a colour that will work.  Next week, I'll probably have a few shots of the house, since Jay is installing her kitchen cabinetry this weekend.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

xo Meg


  1. UM! LOVE that twin girls bedroom! It's fabulous! Thank you for introducing me to her blog! Can't wait to check it out... if I ever have time hahaha! Have a great weekend Meg!

  2. Love the girls room. The white mirror is looks great in there. I found your blog from Sherri.So glad I did.