Friday, November 18, 2011

My New Holiday Strategy

Ok, it all started when I read Angie's post about how she gets ready for the holidays in November so that she can really enjoy Christmas with her family during December.


I am traditionally a last minute Christmas gal.  I usually cram baking and shopping and parties and wrapping all into the last week or so before the big day. Madly scribbling off Christmas cards and enclosing photos printed at the last minute.   It makes me feel stressed for most of the month of December.  You know, worrying about getting it all done and that something will fall through the cracks.  


The reason this usually happens is two fold.  First, I am a procrastinator.  I run on high adrenaline, getting stuff done at the very last second.  It only makes sense that this would spill over into my yuletide strategy.   Second, my boy's birthday is November 28th and my hubby's is the 29th, so I'm usually working on something for them right up until the first of December.

one of my christmas crafts, via

However, just as Angie inspired me to organize my back to school strategy, she has inspired me to re-think my Christmas strategy.  Basically, the idea is that if you get all the administrative details of the Christmas season done in November, you can really enjoy all the festivities that happen in December!  Makes sense, right?

Here's all the things I need to get done, and my timeline for their completion!

You can watch my blog to see the progress of some of these holiday projects.  I'm linking up to this fun party, that I saw on A Thoughtful Place:

 Maybe you'd like to join up too?

Happy Friday!  My kids are home because it's a PD Day at their school.  That means a houseful of my own and a few spares.

xo Meg


  1. Aww! Thanks for mentioning me Meg! What a great post outlining your strategy for November!I so hope that this will make your Christmas far more enjoyable! Happy Saturday! Angie xo

  2. My problem is that I procrastinate! Good luck with keeping your schedule. I should do the same!

  3. Meg, I hope you don't mind but I showed your list on my blog and linked back over to you! Your list is fabulous! Go see the original organizing post! Angie xo

  4. Of course not Angie! Thanks for linking me up!